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Solo Security offers a variety of security products for all your needs.  Whether it is security for your home or business we can install it for you.

Crime Statistics:

Of the 1.5 million property crimes in Canada a year, approximately 400,000 are break and enters. It is almost impossible to anticipate where or when a break-in is going to occur. Each home, unless suitably secured, is susceptible to a break and enter which may result in property loss, physical injury and emotional trauma to you, your family or business associates.
…robbery occurs every 59 seconds
…theft occurs every 4 seconds
…aggressive assault occurs every 31 seconds
…murder occurs every 27 minutes
…violent crime occurs every 19 seconds
…property crime occurs every 3 seconds
…burglary occurs every 13 seconds
…auto theft occurs every 23 seconds
FACT: Homes with security systems are 6 times less likely to be burglarized! Businesses with security systems are 3 times less likely to be burglarized.

Recent research confirms that alarm systems do help prevent crime. The best way to protect your family or business from burglary, fire or any other type of emergency that can be detected by an alarm is to have an alarms system installed by our independent dealer network and monitored by Counterforce.

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